Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Venice, Florence, the Tuscan Countryside and Pisa!

This is our honeymoon registry. The idea is to gift us money towards our Italian honeymoon.

We are planning a romantic, fun and (most importantly) food-filled seven-day trip through Italy in spring 2011. We are starting in Venice, where we'll paddle around in gondolas and eat tons of seafood. Then it's off to Florence by train, to take in a bit of culture (The Birth of Venus!) and gorge on pizza and gelato. Next we'd like to trek around Tuscany by car (staying in quaint countryside guest houses along the way), ending up in Pisa.

We've split our trip into constituent parts, ranging from stays in nice guest houses to scoops of gelato, but for all of them, please feel free to donate whatever you feel comfortable with: The prices shown are estimated totals, not mandatory donations! If we subsist on pizza and gelato for a week, we'll still be pleased as punch!

First off, flights to Florence and back from Pisa (this should be about £160)

A bang-up meal for two on our first night in Venice (about £75)

A gondola ride through scenic canals (£70)

2 nights accommodation in Venice (we can find somewhere lovely for £140)

Train tickets from Venice to Florence (£80)

Tickets to the Uffizi Gallery - Rembrandt! Botticelli! Leonardo da Vinci! (£26)

PIZZA! We'll need lots of pizza! (£7 a pop)

We'll also need lots of gelato for dessert - Florence is meant to have the best in the world (£2 a scoop)

Drinks at The Sky Bar Lounge at night - panoramic views with the floodlit Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio (£30 for cocktails and prosecco)

2 nights accommodation in Florence (approx. £150)

A hire car for pootling around Tuscany in (£70)

2 nights in a charming Tuscan guesthouse (£120)

Plenty of fine chianti (£10 a bottle)

2 tickets up the Leaning Tower of Pisa to conclude our journey (£30)

Again, thank you so much for helping us have an amazing honeymoon! D + W